Ella at the Dentist

Two times each year, right? We all should have our teeth cleaned twice a year. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t look forward to those two days. I mean, it’s only 2 out of 365 days, which, by horse racing standards, is a longshot to come in. But I’ve got this little spot behind my lower front teeth, right by a salivary gland, where the tartar builds up and has to be scraped away. I don’t find that fun. And I floss every day!

Wait a second. This post is about Ella going to the dentist. That’s not nearly as bad! In fact, Melinda & I dropped her off and dashed out for a little bite to eat while Ella had her teeth cleaned. That was downright pleasant!!

We got back in time to chat with the dentist, who brought us back to see Ella and hear her compliment Ella on her brushing and flossing. And she got to wear these cool sunglasses…

3 thoughts on “Ella at the Dentist

    1. They even loan you these sunglasses! It’s because of the bright light shining on your face. I don’t know about its necessity, though. But Ella thought she looked pretty good, even with her mouth wide open.

  1. Strange that your dental story should lead me to want to respond in detail. For years I have had a very good routine of cleaning as recommended by my long time dentist in Massachusetts. When we moved to Texas I got excellent reports from the hygenist, but despite that my dentist’s office staff wanted me to come in for a cleaning twice a year. I politely told them No, that once a year was enough because I was not a coffee drinker with stained teeth, had no gum issues and never get a bad report. Even though I did not follow their advice, my hygentist always tells me how great every thing looks and then the dentiest says the same.

    SO, what is my routine? Long of course…. I use a soft, small head electric toothbrush which I find cleans my teeth best. I can readily access all my teeth even those way back in the far reaches of my mouth. It has a built-in timer so I know I am not rushing my brushing even though some days it seems to take forever. I then floss between my teeth and at the rear around the last teeth and follow that up by using a rubber tipped gum stimulator around every tooth both back and front. And finally I use an anti-cavity flouride rinse to finish. I was very fortunate to grow up in Columbus, Indiana where town fathers were wise enough to put flouride in the city water.

    And to the surprise of my granddaughters who were made to brush twice a day, I do not. I do not have problems with mouth odors nor lack of freshness in the morning, but if I occasionally do, I use a mouth wash in the morning. To me the advantages of a good solid routine that does not include overdoing brushing or extra expensive dental cleanings outweighs the disadvantages.

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