Me Three

Melinda is doing a lot of walking these days, trying as she is to get in 10,000 steps each day. That’s hard to do, especially when we stay at PSCS until almost 7pm, like today. But it’s easier on the weekends. For instance, this picture comes from last Saturday when Melinda & I walked to her sister’s house. You may recall hearing about Perrin, our niece. She lives there, too.

Arriving, we saw the sidewalk chalk statement, “I (heart) Perrin.” There next to it was a piece of chalk. Melinda picked it up and added her comment, to which tonight’s blog post title is my addition.

All this lovie-dovie stuff has got me thinking about the Compassion Games which start in Seattle on Friday. As I mentioned a couple of nights ago, I’m leading a kindness activity as part of the games and it’s getting some serious publicity. The website I’ve set up for it has gotten over 400 hits in three days.


Your thoughts?

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