Ella’s Breakfast

Yeah, I pretty much make Ella’s breakfast every morning. It’s a tradition that goes back to my dad, who proudly made me breakfast every day when I was in school. Truth be told, he was a pretty fine short order cook!

This morning, as has been the case all week, Ella had a waffle with almond butter, a strip of turkey bacon, some yogurt, and a glass of orange juice. Let me just say that’s a yummy breakfast. She seemed to think so, too.

But I have to keep on my toes. She gets tired of the same thing each day so the trick is trying to vary it before she announces she wants something different. Any suggestions for the next variation?

On a side note, I unveiled the first not-so-secret secret mission in the kindness class I’m facilitating for the Compassion Games. Wanna play?

5 thoughts on “Ella’s Breakfast

  1. Ahem, your dad was often out of town two weeks at a time. Did you skip school then or sleep until he returned??
    How about French toast for a change – your brother’s favorite breakfast all through high school?

    1. My son also remembers things differently than it really was sometimes. He claims he had to sit at the supper table till his plate was cleaned! Rarely did we win that battle especially if it involved tomatoes. But his version lingers on, and on, and on….

  2. Just for variety sake I like to have a wrap for breakfast sometimes – a srambled egg with some swiss cheese melted on top and a bit of salsa or chopped green pepper and tomato, all folded or rolled inside the wrap. Very easy to make and the soft tortilla is easy to manage, sandwich like. Meat can be added of course.

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