Time for Some Duck!

Ducks fly south for the winter, right?

Well, I’m not sure what happens with them when summer turns to fall, but I sure know what happens to me in terms of duck. I want me some confit de canard!

Today’s picture is of an individual serving of said confit that I brought back from France in July, saving it for just such an occasion as last night. Melinda wanted her favorite enchilada. I had already made a quick meal for Ella prior to her babysitting gig. Chloe is away at college. And the weather had turned to cloudy and cool. Time for me to eat some duck!

I was so excited. It’s made to be cooked in the microwave so I popped it in, heated it up, and presto! 2 minutes later I was a happy dinner eater.

It was pretty darn good, too.

Your thoughts?

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