That’s right, I’m sure you’re thinking football, especially given all the nuttiness in Seattle this week around the sport. First the Seahawks played on Monday night and *won* a crazy game. And tonight the University of Washington beat Stanford in a huge upset.

But I’m not talking football. I’m talking Nutrition. I’m talking Fitness. And I’m talking for Life. The N.F.L.

Ella, Melinda & I are taking a class on Thursday night that is helping us learn the latest information about good eating and exercise habits. The class is pretty entertaining, too. It’s a small group of families meeting with a former pharmacist who decided she’d help people be healthier if she taught them about nutrition and being active instead of providing them medications for, wait for it, not eating well or keeping fit.

Tonight’s picture is of Ella showing us the amount of fat in a large size movie popcorn. The fat, represented by 31.5 teaspoons of Crisco, is in the baggie. It’s supposed to be kind of disgusting.

One thought on “The NFL

  1. It’s even worse than that actually. (I worked at Factoria Cinemas for two summers after SHS.) The fat the theaters use is dyed yellow and solid at room temperature. But it sure tastes good. . .

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