Passion is Contagious

I had a really fun experience, totally unexpected, at school today. Tawni, our new teacher at PSCS, and I took our group of eight 6th & 7th graders on an outing this morning. Our ultimate destination was a huge park in south Seattle with a couple of zip lines. We rode the light rail to our stop, about 6 blocks from the park, and then started our walk. Along the way we passed a number of fun looking shops, among them a printing shop.

But Day Moon Press is no ordinary print shop.

This shop is like stepping back in time. We gazed in the window, all ten of us, enjoying the view of industrial age era printing presses and gadgets and inks and tools and such. Inside, a friendly-looking woman smiled at us, taking note of our presence. Then she came out to chat, showing us what she was working on. It was obvious she loved her job so I asked her, wanting the middle schoolers to hear it from her. I said, “Do you love your job?”

To which she took a step back, her face relaxing into a lovely smile, “Oh, yes. I have the best job in the world.”

Of course, after that she invited us all in to tour the store and to see the linotype machine she had in the back.

So much of what I wanted to do when I started a school was to connect young people to adults who love what they do. Passion is contagious. Catch it!

4 thoughts on “Passion is Contagious

  1. Yes, thank you, Andy. A post with a bit of philosophy behind it. Nice. Also, a lovely way to connect kids to someone who loves her job, but a way to connect kids to a real “hand on” type of job. What a difference from so much of our new, technical world.

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