Meet Jon Ramer

I just returned from a Sunday night potluck at the home of Jon Ramer. If you don’t know, Jon is the brains behind the Compassion Games, the month-long event in Seattle that started on September 21 and continues until October 21. He’s a pretty special guy, as you might gather from his Wikipedia page.

Having just called him the “brains behind the Compassion Games,” I think it would be more accurate to say he is the “heart behind the Compassion Games.” In fact, he is the heart behind a lot of things, not the least among these being recognition. He does a great job of honoring people and helping them feel good.

He’d done that for me many times. Every time I leave his presence, I feel good. That’s a pretty nice thing to say about a person.

He came in to PSCS on Friday afternoon and helped inspire a group of students and some adults in the school community. Today’s photo is from tonight’s potluck as Jon was doing what he does best. Acknowledging, recognizing, and celebrating the people in attendance.

Your thoughts?

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