I’ve long been a big fan of something called positive psychology. Learn more by reading this Wikipedia entry on the subject, but for a short intro understand that it has to do with people learning to live more fulfilling lives. Much of PSCS, much of my life for that matter, is summed up by the concepts of positive psych.

As it pertains to PSCS, I’ve long looked for ways to further incorporate positive psychology into the school. One way I am doing it this year is to have our 6th & 7th graders learn some the concepts through a program called GoStrengths!

Designed to help children (and adults) learn resiliency and happiness skills, GoStrengths provides a series of animated modules that are both entertaining and informative. I’m writing about it tonight as I’ve spent the last hour reviewing material for a lesson I’ll be facilitating at PSCS tomorrow on something called “Thoughtholes.”

One thought on “GoStrengths!

  1. That sounds like a program that many schools or families could use. Can it be done one-on-one! Parent and child? Been thinking about one of my grandchildren who might really like such a program.

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