Ah, It’s Chloe

In fact, we had a lovely chat with Chloe by phone tonight. We really haven’t heard much from her since she returned to college for her sophomore year a little more than a month ago. She wrapped up what is called her first “block” last Wednesday (and was pleased to say she did quite well) and spent the extended weekend camping with friends. Now she’s studying Ecology for her second block. I’m excited to report that she’ll be home for a night on Saturday.

Coincidentally, I was cleaning up files on my laptop and discovered today’s photo, a scan of a picture I took of Chloe in 1994. I was standing outside of the living room of the house we lived in back then, while Chloe was looking out. If I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure she was looking at the goats Melinda rented to eat back the blackberry bushes in our side yard.

Chloe referred to those goats as “Go, go.” That’s one of those names that just sticks with a person.

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