Baby Chloe Fan Club

The date on this photo is May, 1994 which means two specific things. One, it means Chloe wasn’t really a baby. She was really 15 months old. And two, given the heavy jackets and such, it must have been cold for May.

That is especially intriguing right now considering it’s October and it was 74 degrees in Seattle today without a cloud in the sky. I just don’t remember what chilly and gray weather is like, which is perfectly fine with me and more than perfectly fine with Melinda.

Anyway, back to the subject of the Baby Chloe Fan Club. All the charter members are in this picture, Tammy, Stephanie, and Granny. The club held its first meeting in March of 1993 at the home of my parents, specifically on their living room floor where Melinda had placed a two-week old Chloe in front of her cousins and doting grandmother.

I’m not sure when the fan club last met. But if I can be so bold and include myself as a member of the club, I’m pleased to report that Chloe is doing quite well in college. Not quote as cute, perhaps, as she was back in the mid 90’s (that may depend on who you talk to), however.

Your thoughts?

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