Famille Perrin

So, yeah, Melinda and I were in Metropolitan Market over the weekend and saw a display for the Perrin family wine. Made me think that we should get some kind of discount, given Perrin is our niece and all. You know, family?!

I tried explaining this to no one in particular, thinking that’s all it would take to get the discount. But I might as well have been talking to myself, given how much good it did me (Hmmm… Come to think of it, I may have been talking to myself. Come to think of it further, some of the best “good” I’ve gotten involves talking to myself – “That’s right, Andy. You really are a nice person.” See!).

In hindsight, maybe it was the cold medicine doing the talking. I told Melinda I really didn’t want to go the store. But she wanted the company.

Reminds me of the time in France when we went to this vineyard…

One thought on “Famille Perrin

  1. Like the post, what vintage cold medicine are you sipping? I’ll be forever sorry about leaving you guys outside that winery for so long while we tasted wine

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