Jeremy Messersmith

I’m just back from attending a concert. I’m done with those big venue gigs. This was in a person’s home and sold out with 30 people. The musician was somebody I *discovered* while we were in France, a guy named Jeremy Messersmith. If I could sing and write songs, I like to think I would sound like him. He was wonderful and very friendly. Don’t believe me? Check out this song, one he played on the same guitar tonight. The only difference? I bet he was wearing shoes when this video was created. The house tonight was a shoes-off zone.

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Messersmith

  1. Ah, Andy,

    I am assuming that it is not you who has sold out to advertising on your blog but it is WordPress. What a sad day for me and I assume others who do not like the commercial world intruding on our private lives. I choose what I want to be exposed to, but to be a computer user, we seem to have no choice about ads! I think I am getting too old. If I were not dependent on computers, I would give them up. Your friend, Linda

  2. Thank you Andy, for your quick response. They are now gone! I was so upset that I did not pay any attention to what the ads were about – I only remember that one was a video and there was a woman on it. I looked at previous posts and there was one on yesterdays also about Ella’s eyes. I wish there was some way I could pay $30 and remove all ads from my free Google e-mail and from my Facebook page! It would be well worth it. Thank you for confirming once again that you are the kind of person who has his priorities in the right place.

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