Who in Uruguay is Looking at this Blog?

Today’s photo is a partial screenshot from the web stats link WordPress provides for this blog. It’s an overview of yesterday’s blog visitors broken down by country. There were 49 unique visitors (or views) from inside the United States, 3 from France (hello Boudeaus & Bertails!), 1 from Canada (hi, Chloe!), and 1 from Uruguay.

Uruguay? Who in Uruguay is looking at this blog? Do you think it was a lost visitor, or someone who clicked on some link somewhere that takes you to an unknown site (like Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button)?

On a side note, I paid the 30 bucks needed to make it so ads no longer show up on this blog, at least for the next 12 months. Want to help me offset this cost? If you use Amazon.com, you could go there from the link below, one that I’ve customized to include a special code that provides Melinda and me a small percentage of any item purchased when people connect to Amazon through such a link.

And what is this link? A travel guide to Uruguay, of course!

5 thoughts on “Who in Uruguay is Looking at this Blog?

  1. What a nice mystery! I would like to imagine that is it one of your former students who is travelling, unbeknownst to you, and is just getting your goat, knowing you will be looking to see the location of people reading the blog today.

    My next book order will be placed on your Amazon connection. Do you have a current wishlist on Amazon?

  2. I always pick on the basis of what appeals to me, so I may not be an ideal giver. I will try to remember they are in order of your priority, and thanks for giving me such an easy way to give back something to you.

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