So yesterday I mentioned the “cute-off” taking place on Facebook between a friend and me. I post a cute picture of one of my kids, she posts a cute picture of her kid. Each picture ups the challenge a notch. Now others are joining in, taking sides, playing along. Throughout the day today I had a big smile on my face because of it.

In response to my post yesterday, my friend, whose name happens to be Sarah, introduced me to the concept of being “snuggle-punched.” Crediting a friend for the term, she wrote, “It’s that moment when you’re just about to leave the house or switch gears in some way, and your kid sucks you back in with their irresistible cuteness…you just have to drop your stupid adult agenda and snuggle!”

In today’s photo, that’s Melinda in the center having been snuggle-punched by Ella, on the right, and Olivia, Ella’s cousin, on the left.

One thought on “Snuggle-Punched

  1. The hat tip goes to Mike Peroni, known to our family as “Farmer Mike” because he and his wife Heidi run Boistfort Valley Farm ( We have long been subscribers to a weekly CSA share from Boistfort, and once when we were chatting with Mike at the Ballard Farmer’s Market he described being “snuggle-punched” by their daughter Nataleena, who is exactly Brayden’s age.

    In the continuing spirit of the cute-off, and because it’s relevant, I offer this recent video, featuring Brayden unpacking our weekly box of veggies grown by Farmer Mike and Farmer Heidi. Enjoy!

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