Andy & The Hula Hoop

What could be further from a “cute-off” than a picture of me, right? But just look at me! I’m actually hula hooping and the hula hoop isn’t just falling to the ground. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a still photo and I could just be leading you to believe (is it working?) that I was having some moderate success with the hula hoop through this description. But would I, the guy who told you he traded Melinda for Rick Steves, lie to you?

This picture was taken during our break time at the Nutrition & Fitness for Life class that Ella, Melinda & I are taking on Thursday nights, the class I told you about three weeks ago. About halfway through each session we take a break to get some exercise.

And, yes, I did a little hula hooping.

Your thoughts?

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