Pumpkin Weekend! – Canada Edition

So for years Chloe and Ella would head over to Brenda’s & Greg’s for a night of pumpkin carving, fun eating, movie watching, and sleeping over, an event dubbed “Pumpkin Weekend.” It’s legendary in the family, complete with special photo books to commemorate each year’s event.

Up in Canada, as she is now for college, Chloe is unable to participate. But that doesn’t stop her from thinking about it or doing her best to replicate it. Today’s photo came via email under the subject heading used as today’s blog post title and with the following text:

Today me and my group of girlfriends baked an apple pie, made caramel apples, and carved pumpkins (well just me and my friend Simone were up for carving!). Here’s a pic of the pumpkins (mine’s on the right)… we just finished! 🙂

Cheers! Love you all,

ps: It’s (lightly) snowing!!

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