Chloe Was 7 When This Picture Was Taken

Melinda & I just watched the most recent episode of the TV show “Parenthood,” one of our little indulgent pleasures. There’s a character on the show named Haddie who recently left for college so the show has had story lines that remind us of Chloe being at college. On top of that, Haddie is a mature and thoughtful young woman, another reason her character reminds us of Chloe.

So, yeah, having a kid away at college is one of those events in life you anticipate as parents. It’s a big deal and exciting and you are just so proud. Your relationship with your child shifts and, hopefully, it’s in a good way. I certainly feel that’s the case with Chloe and us.

So tonight we’re thinking about Chloe and missing her a bit, and thinking about her and stuff like that.

Your thoughts?

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