Of the Icing

Three times each school year the high schoolers at PSCS engage in what we call “Intensives Week.” We stop the regular schedule and for a week the students participate in just one activity all day long for 5 days. Yup, it’s intense.

Ella chose to participate in a cake-decorating intensive called “Icing” so she spent the week learning how to make various icings and apply them to cakes. Her final project was to conceive of and decorate a cake, the end result being shown in today’s photo. As you can see, she went for a seasonal theme.

Oh, if the blog title isn’t resonating for you, think of the song “My Country ’tis of Thee.” There’s “sweet land of liberty,” followed by, “of the icing.”

5 thoughts on “Of the Icing

    1. Funnier yet? That’s what I actually thought the lyric was when I was a kid and had to sing the song in school. What 9 year-old understands the phrase “of thee I sing?”

  1. I love this. I so want to visit your school one day. I am just tickled that you all have intensives such as cake icing. This looks fun in every way. 🙂

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