So yesterday I told you about how in 5th grade for Halloween Ella went to school as Barbara Gordon and then changed costumes to become Batgirl in order to trick or treat as her preferred character. She couldn’t go to school in her Batgirl costume because the school didn’t allow masks.

There are two more things you should know about this.

First, my mom made BOTH the Barbara Gordon AND the Batgirl costume. That’s quite a thing for her to have done, to hand-sew two costumes for one grandchild in a single year. Making Halloween costumes is one of my mom’s claims to fame.

Second, Ella’s interest in Batgirl (and Barbara Gordon) stemmed from the two of us watching episode after episode of the Batman TV series from the 60’s together the previous summer. Ah, what a joy that was for me. As you can imagine, Ella’s favorite episodes were those that featured Batgirl.

Your thoughts?

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