Dads & Kids

Ella & I had dinner tonight at the Veggie Grill with our friends Kevin & Milo. Kevin is Milo’s dad and, importantly, one of the two people responsible for Melinda and me meeting (it’s a long story but a good one – for another time). We haven’t seen them in a while so it was great getting together. Tonight’s photo was taken while Milo and Ella were having a hot chocolate dessert at Fran’s.

I contacted Kevin last week as during my “cute-off” photo search I came across some adorable photos of a young Milo (and a young Ella) and sent them on to him. One thing led to another and ultimately to tonight’s dinner.

The moms, Melinda and Lynn, were noticeably absent from tonight’s proceedings. Melinda is in the midst of a juice fast and couldn’t bring herself to sit with us while we eat yummy food. And Lynn is a hot commodity movie & TV show director away in California right now directing an episode of Ben & Kate.

Your thoughts?

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