5 December 2012 : Sports Fast

Sports FastWhen we were in France, Melinda & I went on a “news fast.” That’s where you avoid watching the news on TV or reading about it online or in newspapers, etc. The basic premise is that most of the “news” is not something you actually NEED to know, and that, because most of it is negative, it contributes to you feeling negative. Learn more by reading #9 of this link.

Well, this weekend I started a “sports fast.” I’m tired of the high-paid athletes and millionaire owners of sports teams arguing over how to divide up their massive profits. I’m sick of the performance enhancing drug cases. I’m saddened by people involved in athletics thinking they can play by a different set of rules.

It’s out of control and I’m taking a break from it. So here I am, tearing up an issue of Sports Illustrated in symbolic protest.

Your thoughts?

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