6 December 2012 : “Get a Statistic!”

Hockey Player AndyThe purpose of this post is to explain that me going on a sports fast is no small thing. I grew up in a family of sports fans so following sports is in my DNA or something. We think the sports page should be the front page of the newspaper. It’s the section we turn to first.

But like I said yesterday, I’m really tired of the business side of sports. Take hockey, my favorite sport, for instance. The NHL, the highest level of the sport, isn’t even happening because the team owners and players can’t agree on how to divide up the boatload of money they are (were) making.

Oh, that’s me from 5th grade, the year I played on an ice hockey team in Omaha. I wasn’t very good because I couldn’t skate. I never scored a goal. I never assisted on a goal. At one of our games, my brother yelled out to me on the ice, “Trip someone. Get a statistic!”

That’s brotherly love.

Your thoughts?

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