9 December 2012 : Back in the Game

Laurent!First, today’s photo is of Laurent just after he finished running the Nantes Marathon in April, 2011. You may recall that Laurent is my main inspiration for running, especially for running long distances. In my training I often picture him on this day.

You may also recall that I went for my first post Seattle Marathon run last Sunday and pulled up lame after just 30 minutes. I’ve been icing and resting, resting and icing, my right knee since then. I decided to take a little risk today, stepping out in my running gear. I ran for a little less than 30 minutes, including a 9 minute mile on the Burke Gilman Trail, with no significant pain. My knee is a tiny bit stiff tonight, but I feel like I’m back in the game.

No, that expression, back in the game, is not a violation of my sports fast.

Your thoughts?

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