10 December 2012 : I Can’t Think of a Title For This Post

Skype ScreenshotLet me say first that the Seahawks are 2-0 since I began this crazy sports fast. I have read zero articles and seen zero video highlights of their two victories. I’ve not visited CBSSports.com to read the grade given them for their performances. But I did hear a student mention at school today that they won yesterday’s game by a score of 58-0. How does a team win by 58 points?

I think the Seahawks should pay me to continue my sports fast.

Say, is it a gluten-free diet if you avoid eating gluten but TALK about it?

Toady’s photo is a screenshot I took during our Skype chat with Chloe from an hour ago. It’s always nice to catch up with one’s kid who is away at college. And what an amazing thing the Internet is. We had a video chat with her, Chloe using her iPhone and Melinda & me on my laptop.

What’s next, watching TV on your computer?

Your thoughts?

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