11 December 2012 : ‘Tis the Season

I found this picture scrolling through the family archives. That’s me in the center in my Santa outfit A 1970's Christmas(I was Santa Claus for Halloween that year – Holiday Confusion Disorder, or something). On the left is my brother Steve, looking good at being good-looking. I’m trying to figure out what he’s holding. A pack of baseball cards maybe? On the right is my brother Scott, looking as fashionable as ever. Dig those glasses, for sure, AND a ukelele in his lap. But the gem is his T-shirt. If I recall correctly it says, “National Insect Week — Bug Somebody.”


The picture was taken at the home of our maternal grandparents in Denver. Quite often we drove from Omaha to Denver to be with them for the holiday. I remember one Christmas Eve driving in a blizzard and having to pull off the road…

But that’s another story.

Your thoughts?

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