13 December 2012 : Totem Talk & Stephen Rabow

Totem Talk 1981I don’t really recall how this worked but I wrote for my high school newspaper without being in the journalism class. I think it had to do with me knowing most of the people on staff really well and having had a class conflict. Whatever, occasionally I got a byline.

I got to thinking about this because one byline I did get had to do with an interview I conducted with a local deejay at the time, an eccentric by the name of Stephen Rabow. He was on my favorite radio station, the vastly alternative KZAM-AM, the only station in 1980 that played Elvis Costello. Rabow had a program on Saturday nights that was pretty slick. When he played Jona Lewie’s “(You’ll Always Find Me in the) Kitchen at Parties,” I was hooked as a fan.

This became all the more relevant because I recently found a Stephen Rabow page on Facebook and have been having fun getting his messages.

What a surprise it was last night when I found a copy of that issue of the high school paper.

Your thoughts?

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