14 December 2012 : When Things Don’t Make Sense

This is one of those days that don’t make sense. I had fabulous interactions with students and some not so great interactions with adults. CheersOvershadowing everything is the horrific acts of violence at an elementary school in Connecticut. Horrific acts don’t make sense. As such, I can’t make sense of them.

What I can make sense of is that I have a wonderful family. We are all safe and secure. Chloe is having a great experience in college and will be home for the holidays in less than a week. Ella turns 16 on Tuesday and on Monday takes her driver’s test, a rite of passage for American youth. Melinda spent today, what was intended to be a day off for her, working hard on upgrading a database for PSCS. I had some meaningful and important interactions with some PSCS students, the kind of thing that invigorates me and helps me know why I exist. I had a lovely phone call with my parents.

Focus on the positive, on what makes you feel connected to whatever is sacred to you. On that note, Melinda and I raised a glass tonight in acknowledgement of our friends and family. We gave an extra thought to Christine and Bernard, people we met in Nantes on our sabbatical and who will be traveling next summer to be with us in Seattle.


Your thoughts?

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