18 December 2012 : Sixteen, Sweet!

Yeah, so 16 years ago today Ella was born. Of course, this means that Melinda’s and my youngest child is 16. I don’t know what else that means, but it is something significant, I’m sure.Happy Birthday, Sweet 16

For Ella’s present, Melinda & I managed to scare up an unlocked iPhone 4 via CraigsList. She is very pleased. Melinda pulled a fast one on her, too, wrapping it up inside the box of some kind of electronic skin care product that one could imagine Ella *might* like to have. But for her 16th birthday? That’s like a husband giving his wife a vacuum cleaner on their anniversary! Anyway, when Ella unwrapped the present and saw the skin care product box, she said something like, “Oh, that’s nice.” Melinda and I didn’t say anything. Then she opened up the box and out came the iPhone. Her face lit up and sounds of glee emitted from her lovely mouth.

The photo was taken just moments before she opened the box. The card she is holding has a photo of a very young Ella, one of my favorites of her. So there you can see our sweet little girl on her sweet 16th birthday.

Your thoughts?

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