19 December 2012 : Slowing Down the Sports Fast

I admit it. I looked at a couple of sports articles on that nasty home invader, the Internet. I saw that the Mariners had made a trade and I couldn’t help myself.

Sports Are Driving Me CrazyBy the way, that expression, “I couldn’t help myself,” is a cop-out phrase if I ever heard one. Of course I could have stopped myself from clicking on the headline “Mariners trade Vargas to Angels, acquire Morales.” I just didn’t want to. I let my curiosity get away from me.

Ack, there’s another expression, “I let my curiosity get away from me,” that sounds like someone, me in this case, trying to not take responsibility for his actions.

Don’t let anyone get away with telling you they couldn’t stop themselves or that their curiosity got away from them.

And, oh, the Seahawks game on Sunday promises to be a really good one, the Sounders announced the date of their home opener, and the NHL dummies are still not playing.

Your thoughts?

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