20 December 2012 : Allow Me to Explain

A Fashion StatementSo we just finished up what we call “Mini-Term” at PSCS. Basically, it’s a special 2 weeks of school in December, the mornings of which provide some special classes that last over 5 or 10 days. Ella was excited to take a “The Great Gatsby” class. Truthfully, I got to join in, too, as I read the book aloud to her, a chapter each night.

Last Friday was the final class and to celebrate, Ella dressed up in her best 1920’s apparel. This, of course, included something on her head, what one might call a hat. Well, at the end of the day, after everyone else had left, Ella and I were waiting for Melinda. Ella popped the hat on my head and took the picture you see here. Pretty flattering, eh?

If you want, I can try to explain the stripes…

Your thoughts?

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