22 December 2012 : Recapping Ella’s Birthday

Ella's iPhone - Photo #1As I mentioned before, it was Ella’s birthday on Tuesday, her 16th, no less. And as I said on her birthday, Melinda & I got her an iPhone 4 for her present. More on that in a second.

Also, as is our family tradition, we went out to dinner and Ella chose the restaurant. She picked the new pizza place at the U Village shopping center not far from our house, a place called Elemental (notice those first two syllables in the restaurant name – clever, eh?). It was decent enough. Melinda & I split a gluten-free pizza, curious how that might be. For those keeping score at home, the crust was a bit thick for my ideal liking.

Now about that iPhone. I’m mentioning it here because today’s photo was taken by Ella on her iPhone at Elemental.

Your thoughts?

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