23 December 2012 : My Kindle

Me & My KindleYou know about the Kindle, right? It’s the electronic book reader created by Amazon. Many people, like me, love them. They make it very easy to read books and are absolutely great for traveling. But others hate them, saying they are contributing to not only the death of independent bookstores but to the concept of books as we know them.

In response, all I can say is that times change.

I bought my Kindle used on Craigslist just before we left for France in late June. I wish I had it with all the Kurt Vonnegut books loaded before we went on sabbatical two years ago! Now, because Amazon had a special on almost all the Vonnegut novels a few weeks ago, I have them all loaded and in one light-weight place.

Say, mom, if you are still looking to get someone, anyone, a last minute Christmas gift, here’s my Kindle Wish List.

Your thoughts?

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