24 December 2012 : Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, Perrin!Melinda’s family has long celebrated Christmas on the 24th, having a wonderful dinner followed by gift opening. When Melinda & I got married this worked out perfectly since my family has always celebrated Christmas on the 25th. As a result and since both of our families are nearby, Chloe, Ella, Melinda & I always get two big family Christmas celebrations each year. It’s a pretty good deal.

For many years (including the year we lived in France when the Shaws came to visit for the holidays), the Shaw family celebration has taken place at our house. I think this started because it was convenient for everyone to be at our house when Chloe and Ella would need to go to bed. And maybe because we got into that groove we’ve continued to have the event at our place. This is a great thing.

As you might expect, the most excited for Christmas in the Shaw family is 6 year-old Perrin. She hoped for and got an American Girl doll, as you can see in today’s photo.

Your thoughts?

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