26 December 2012 : The Fashion of Pumping Gas

Baseball CapsMelinda, Chloe, Ella and I were running errands together on Monday afternoon and stopped to get gas at Costco. We had to wait in line and found ourselves talking about some of the differences we’ve noticed about how men look in France compared to men in the US. In France, men tend to dress better and are better groomed (shocking, I know). This became especially noticeable while waiting in line at the Costco gas station.

There in front of us, pumping gas at adjacent pumps, were two men dressed nearly identically: Large orange shirts under hooded sweatshirts. Baggy light blue jeans. White tennis shoes. And, wait for it, baseball caps.

For years I regularly wore a baseball cap. Melinda has gently suggested that the daily use of a baseball cap is not my best look. Waiting in line at the Costco gas station, I think her point may have hit home.

Your thoughts?

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