27 December 2012 : On Photos…

Found Photo!Ella & I had lunch with my parents at their place today. We went over to not only spend some time together, but to help my dad with a small computer problem he was having. You might be familiar with small computer problems. They may be small, but they take a couple of hours to solve.

Let me just say… problem solved!!

I brought over a flash drive with photos from Christmas to add to my mom’s iPhoto library. After transferring those, I noticed some photos in her library from Chloe’s high school graduation in 2010 that I didn’t have.

I hope that explains today’s photo (which I just happen to think is outstanding). And it makes me wonder… Just how many photos exist of us that we’ve never seen? You know, those in which you are in the background of some stranger’s picture in France or somewhere?

Your thoughts?

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