8 January 2013 : I’m a Winner!

Twice recently, I became a winner, the most recent being today. In an email this afternoon, a colleague told me that I won the adjective contest, Bare Access Shoesusing an unusual adjective to describe a person I was recommending for a speaking engagement. The adjective? Sparkling.

Then about a week ago, I was the high bidder of these brand new running shoes on eBay. When you are the high bidder of an auction, you are the winner, right? Melinda gets a BIG kick out of this. I win something on eBay and then have to pay for it. She tells me that she wants to run down to Nordstrom and “win” something.

Anyway, these new shoes are the brand new Merrell Bare Access shoes, version 2.0. They retail for $90 and I lucked out on eBay, as sometimes happens, “winning” them for $46 including shipping. As the weather gets better this spring, they’ll be my new running shoes.

Give me the blue ribbon!

Your thoughts?

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