9 January 2013 : The Newest Skis You Ever Have Seen Are in Seattle

Ella's SkisMelinda has been looking for a new set of ski equipment for Ella, Ella having outgrown her boots and having been “living on borrowed skis,” to steal from a couple of expressions. So Melinda has been scouring CraigsList for equipment at an affordable price.

In searching, Melinda got a kick (if by getting a kick I mean being annoyed) by the number of people on CraigsList who misspell the word skis. Many, and I mean many, list them as “skies.” So here’s a tip for you. If you are looking to buy “used skis,” try searching for “used skies,” instead. Hopefully, they’ll be blue.

Regarding today’s post and its title, I challenge readers to see who can make the funniest comment in response.

Your thoughts?

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