13 January 2013 : Revolutionizing How We Listen to Music

Listening to music is one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years, I amassed quite a record collection that over the last 20 years transformed into an impressive, Sonosif I say so myself, CD collection. But now CDs have more or less been replaced by digitized music, iTunes libraries, as well as cloud players and streaming radio stations. Times are always changing.

Anyway, trying to keep up with the changing times, Melinda and I recently bought a Sonos player, seen in today’s photo. Sonos allows you access to your digitized music and all kinds of Internet radio and streaming services. We hooked up ours to our home speaker system and have been, in a phrase, transformed by it. We are becoming fluent in all things Pandora, Aupeo, 7digital, Last.fm, and Murfie. We play music from the Amazon Cloud Player and my iTunes library.

Over the weekend I starting selling our old stereo components on CraigsList, hoping to start saving for something called a Sonos PLAY:3 which would allow us to wirelessly play anything, including French radio stations, in our bedroom.

Your thoughts?

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