14 January 2013 : I’m Spent (and it has nothing to do with today’s photo)

Cheers!It was a tiring day for me at school, having made a significant school structural decision that was unpopular with many of the students because I didn’t involve them. In a school like PSCS, not involving the students is a rare occurrence and I don’t do it lightly. As such and for related reasons, I’m tired.

A result of this is not putting a lot of time, energy and thought into today’s blog post. In fact, I’m using a picture Melinda took last Friday night when we stopped at our favorite local hangout, Frank’s, for a little husband & wife Friday evening kick off the weekend happy hour beverage, if you know what I mean.

So to those of you who sometimes have to make hard decisions I say, “Cheers!”

Your thoughts?

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