16 February 2013 : Ordinary Moments

I’m calling today’s post “Ordinary Moments.” See if it makes sense to you.

Today’s photo was taken at Skate King, Ordinary Momentsa roller skating rink in the city of Bellevue, a large suburb of Seattle (and where my family relocated from Omaha in 1974). That’s me with the baseball cap, holding toddler Ella. Melinda and Chloe are skating toward us. I can’t say I remember a lot about this particular day, but looking at my kids sure evokes strong memories. That tie-dye T-shirt of Chloe’s was a huge favorite of hers and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Ella is sucking her thumb.

We are the sum of so many things, including ordinary moments like roller skating with one’s family. And really, it’s these ordinary moments that make up the bulk of our lives. Cherish the ordinary.

Doing so makes it extraordinary.

Your thoughts?

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