17 February 2013 : Perfection

I’ve been thinking about the concept of perfection. The more I let myself go, the more I come to think that either there is no such thing as perfection or there is nothing but perfection. Let me explain.Perfection - Perrin's Birth Day

On many occasions I’ve told my students that trouble begins when we start comparing ourselves to others. For instance, I gave up trying to learn the guitar when I saw my friend Vince play in college. There was no way I would ever get as good as Vince so why bother, right?


What we need to do is compare ourselves only to ourselves. If instead of comparing my guitar playing to Vince’s I had compared mine to myself, I might not have been disillusioned. I might have 25 years of guitar playing experience by now.

Another way to think about it is like equivalent fractions. You know, 10 over 10 equals 20 over 20 (10/10 = 20/20), right? In the same way, Andy over Andy equals Vince over Vince (Andy/Andy = Vince/Vince).

10/10 = 20/20 = Andy/Andy = Vince/Vince = 1 whole.

Therein lies perfection.

Your thoughts?

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