19 February 2013 : My Million Dollar Idea – The iScent

While in France I did a lot of walking. On one particular walk, one in which fragrances were making themselves known to me, Is This an iScent?I came up with an idea for a device Steve Jobs would have undoubtedly dubbed the iScent had he thought of it (yes, I thought of iSmell but that seemed to imply something else). The idea is to have a little handheld device, like an iPod, that can provide you the exact scent you want when you want it.

This doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me. I can see Apple having downloadable scents that can be carried on the device. You push a button and poof, you get a whiff. Here are some I want: My 2nd grade teacher’s, Mrs Rosengren’s, perfume. My paternal grandparents’ house in Wisconsin. My mom’s cinnamon twists. Frying onions. Minkler’s Health Food Store in Renton, WA (hard to explain that one but it’s part of a great summer in 1988).

I once tried out the idea on my family. I think they thought I was a little nutty. I tried to defend myself by saying something about how both scents and sounds trigger some nostalgic, happy part of my brain. Isn’t that true for anyone else? Aren’t YOU transported to the past with a familiar scent?

Give it a try.

Your thoughts?

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