18 February 2013 : Found Treasure!

Get this. Ella is going to Disneyland this week courtesy of the family of one of her friends. Rather than throw a large party locally, her friend’s parents decided to treat two of their daughter’s friends to a trip to Disneyland. Treasure HuntIt’s incredible, I know. Ella leaves tomorrow and gets back on Thursday.

So anyway, I was helping Ella look for a small suitcase for her trip and came upon a couple of them we’ve had for years, from before we went to France. In fact, they were too small to take to France so we left them stored at home. But that’s not interesting, is it?! What is, though, is that when I pulled them out I discovered that two of them were full of clothes! Clothes from before France!


Now I admit, there was a reason we didn’t take some of these clothes to France but there are some shirts I was thrilled to find and Melinda scored a pair of slippers (and found the dress she wore when we got married – no small thing). But today’s picture isn’t of the good things. It’s of the stack of things we intend to take to the Goodwill.

That’s right. Treasure for someone else!

Your thoughts?

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