17 May 2013 : Important Work

The Shaw FamilySo tonight is a big event at PSCS, the school Melinda & I founded in 1994. It’s the Student Showcase, a time for us to display as many of the incredible things that students have done this year as we can. There is music and art and essays and everything.

Of course, the most important work the students do can’t be seen because it goes on inside of them.

Speaking of important work, take a look at this photo. Melinda’s parents, Dwight & Michele, are pretty much responsible for all of it. They created Melinda and Brenda, who themselves created Chloe, Ella & Perrin. Well, I helped create Chloe and Ella, and Greg helped create Perrin. But I trust you get my point.

So here’s to important work!

Like doing something kind in your neighborhood, today’s theme in the 12 Days of Kindness.

Your thoughts?

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