18 May 2013 : “There’s a Lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things”

That was the last line in the series finale on Thursday night from the American TV show “The Office.” It’s also my basic life philosophy, the importance of being awed by the regular stuff.

For instance, I glanced out our living room window this morning and saw a mom holding onto the bicycle seat of her small daughter, then running alongside the bike, pushing the seat, to help it gain momentum. A second later, she let go and her daughter was riding a two-wheeler by herself. Ah, a metaphor for parenting, all wrapped up in the ordinary moment of helping your child learn to ride a bike. The mom then ran behind the bike until her daughter slowed to a stop. She caught up, then did it all again.

That’s awesome. And I got to see it.

My niece Stephanie sent me the embedded video below. It has the same message as the last line in “The Office,” as well as summing up the purpose of PSCS, the root of my kindness classes, and what makes me tick.

Say, in terms of ordinary things, how about doing something kind for an acquaintance today?

Your thoughts?

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