1 June 2013 : Poor Ella

Here are some things to think about.

Ella & BellaMelinda & I founded PSCS in 1994 (along with a dedicated group of parents and support from our founding board). Ella was born in 1996, meaning PSCS has been a significant part of her life. Ella became a student at PSCS in 2008.

The basic point I’m trying to make is that Ella hasn’t had a lot of time at PSCS that doesn’t involve Melinda and me.

So another thing to think about. Tonight is the first-ever PSCS dance. And, get this, Ella, at age 16, did not want Melinda and me involved in it.

But a few minutes ago one of our staff members, a chaperone at tonight’s dance, sent to Melinda and me this picture of Ella (on the left) with her friend Isabella.

And here I am posting it on my blog.

Poor Ella.

Your thoughts?

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