27 May 2013 : Where Did The Time Go?

My “4 Day Weekend” is over. I took Friday off for my 50th birthday and then had the standard 3 day Memorial Day Weekend holiday.

Last Night's DinnerI remember thinking on Thursday night that this would be SO nice, having 4 straight days to relax, catch up on sleep, enjoy the fact that I had turned 50. Now, on Monday night, the idea of a 4 day “vacation” seems so quaint. Where did the time go? What did I do with it?

Well, last night, with both Chloe and Ella out, I made a special dinner for Melinda and me. Homemade deviled eggs with smoked salmon and lettuce wraps with fresh crab, complemented with avocado and raw almonds.

Not bad, eh?

That’s actually where the time went. Not any LONG events, but a lot of wonderful short ones. Next up, the last 12 days of the school year. Speaking of 12 days, I archived the 12 Days of Kindness so folks can access the site any time.

Your thoughts?

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