15 June 2013 : Ella’s Wisdom Teeth

There they are, Ella’s wisdom teeth. She had them removed, or should I say extracted, yesterday. Since then she’s been, um, relaxing in her bed.Ella's Teeth

Every 15 minutes she calls for Melinda or me to either give her a couple of ice packs or take them away. Then there are the milkshakes and jello and scrambled eggs (one time with ketchup – what’s up with that?!).

The photo shows two intact teeth and one that had to be split to be removed. The fourth, or perhaps the first, was removed a couple of years ago.

Oops, gotta run. Ice packs are a-calling. 🙂

PS — Thanks to those of you who found a way to raise your hands. I really appreciate that.

Your thoughts?

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