17 June 2013 : Worlds Are Colliding (in a good way)

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when George was concerned because different parts of his life were overlapping? Si & MaddieFor instance, it was a bad thing for him when his fiancé wanted to interact with his closest friends. He wanted those parts of his life to remain isolated and when they started coming together he said, “Worlds are colliding” as if it was a bad thing.

Well, today’s photo shows a couple parts of my life that recently came together in a good way. On the right there is Maddie, who finished up at PSCS last year and now attends The Evergreen State College, the same school from which I graduated in 1988. And on the left there is Si, the young man with whom I began working in 1986 as part of my studies at Evergreen, an experience that very much shaped who I am today.

Last week Maddie and Si got together. That’s a real good thing in my world.

Your thoughts?

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