30 June 2013 : Sunday Morning, We’re Wide Awake!

It’s 6:30 in the morning on Sunday as I write this post. Where is Melinda?We went to bed 8 hours ago and slept fairly fitfully for a few hours before waking up pretty solidly just after 5am. Ah, adjusting to the time change.

Melinda is right this minute talking to Ella on the phone. It’s 9:30pm Saturday in Seattle, a good time to reach her, and, apparently, a good time for us to be wide awake.

Say, I’m following no rules in terms of how/when/how many times/how many photos I’ll be posting here.

This photo is another test for Chloe & Ella. Where did I take this picture of Melinda?

2 thoughts on “30 June 2013 : Sunday Morning, We’re Wide Awake!

    1. We have a winner! FYI, Ella was also a winner. We were talking to her as I posted this photo and she recognized the Boudeau’s stairs right away, too.

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